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Thank you for your interest in our delicious smoked cheese. We carry premium cheeses from several leading cheese farms around the United States, and our smoking process was developed through years of trial and error by Rit Branchaud, the founder of "The Cheesy Smoke House". 

You may ask how we smoke cheese in a heated, smoky area without melting it. The process Rit developed produces a completely smoked environment around the cheese without distorting the shape of the product, resulting in a mild or strong wood flavor. Choose according to your taste, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

The Cheesy Smoke House sells wholesale, and markets to Wineries, Breweries, Restaurants, Stores and Clubs. Our cheeses are smoked with natural New England Apple and Hickory woods, and seasonally we smoke our Fruity Apple flavor with apple pomace. Our smoked cheeses pair and tone well with many varieties of wine and foods. We smoke premium cheese from quality cheese farms to complement selected wines, beer, food, and special events of your choice.

Our choice of woods and exclusive level of smoke creates a memorable experience for you, your family and guests. The smoke process used by The Cheesy Smoke House produces a mild or strong smoke flavor that will balance the best bouquet and taste with your collection of wines and food. We are dedicated to producing quality smoked cheeses to supplement your discriminating wine, beer, and food selections!


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